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Frog and the Bee Book & Journal Bundle & T-shirt

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Get this Special offer Bundle now of the "Frog and the Bee" Book and Dream Big and be inspired Bundle for only $40!

Included is:

Softcover copy of the " Frog and the Bee" authored by Amani Bryant and illustrated by Tulip studios. 22 pages in length.

It's Party Time is a short story for early readers that captures the adventures of two friends, the Frog and the Bee. The pair performs a series of tasks as they prepare to host a surprise Birthday Party for one of their friends, The story gradually unfolds with a few surprises along the way, and ends with the realization of their kind gesture- a birthday party surrounded by friends.

The Dream Big and Inspired Journal (soft cover copy) is a book designed to complement, The Frog and the Bee; It's Party Time by Amani Bryant. It allows readers to create alternative versions of the story as well as guide them through the creation of stories of their own. Readers are encouraged to read more stories and consciously identify details to research. The books intent is to foster an appreciation of the process of story writing among youn readers and to promote exposure and learning about new people and experiences.

A cotton T-shirt (Dream Big & Live or Mani Worker on Duty) and size of your choice.

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